Bass River Pottery

  • sgraffito bowls
  • sgraffito bowls
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  • sgraffito bowls
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sgraffito bowls

The sgraffito carving technique is used on the pottery. Mason stain is added to slip and brushed onto the leather hard pot. The pottery it is carved through the slip into the stoneware pot with a small carving tool to reveal the clay's true color; this carving method is called sgrafitto, which means, "to scratch". When the carving is complete and the pot is bone dry, it is bisque fired in an electric kiln. Next, clear or colored glaze is added to the pot and fired once more..

Sgraffito is labor intensive. Some of the sgraffito pottery has more than 8 hours of carvings.


mermaid mugs

Bass River Pottery is home to the original Mermaid Mug and Cape Cod Dune Bowls. Each piece of pottery is produced, one item at a time, handmade and throw on the potter's wheel. Stoneware clay is used and the stains and glazes are lead free. The pottery is influenced by the ocean and life that sounds Cape Cod. The pottery is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Bass River pottery is both beautiful and functional. Don't wait to use the "good dishes", every day is a good day!


custom tiles

Our artisan tiles are handmade and cut to order. The tiles may be flat or three dimensional and the tiles come in a range of colors and size. Flounder, horseshoe crabs and schools of fish, Bass River Pottery prides itself on creating realistic artisan tiles.

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